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Why do my knees make so much noise?!?

May 12, 2017

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Exercise is Bad for the Body?

October 5, 2017

As I got home last night my neighbor was out watering his lawn. We struck up conversation and I learned some interesting things about him.


One thing he said really struck me.


He said that he used to be into fitness and exercise but he now completely regrets it. If he could go back he would never have done it.


He started talking about how the heavy weights he trained with have torn up his elbows and now his shoulders are shot.


This brings up an interesting point.


Most people think that running and lifting weights is hard on the body. While this is partially true because stressing the body is the only way to get it to adapt and build strength, it isn't true that it's harmful for the body.


What's harmful for the body is sitting on the couch (too often).
What's harmful for the body is eating processed food and excess sugar.
What's harmful for the body is having too much stress. 
What's harmful for the body is smoking. 

What he likely doesn't realize is your body is much like a sports car 
- if you continue to push it at 100 mph without proper maintenance, of course it will break down
- if you always have your foot on the gas (stress/physical demands) and never take time to slow down and let your engine cool (rest, recovery, and stress management), of course it's going to burn your engine



Exercise is the only medicine that has been proven to be effective and beneficial to the body with NO side effects.


What you eat can also be the best form of medicine or the slowest form of poison. 


Don't let anyone tell you exercise is bad for your body (unless you have a VERY specific disease in which case it is). Your body is strong and resilient and designed for movement.


What's bad for your body is too much sitting, too much junk food, and poor stress control which are all modifiable. All of that on top of pushing your body too hard without proper maintenance such as mobility, rest/recovery, and learning relaxation strategies is what leads to the eventual breakdown, NOT THE EXERCISE.

If you're concerned exercise might be too stressful on your body, we'd love to sit down with you and chat about how we could help you get moving again.


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