Physical Therapy won't work for you.



Physical Therapy doesn't work?

It's true. Physical therapy isn't a magic bullet and doesn't fix you.
Rather, we guide and teach you how you can heal your body.
Using that information is how you STOP pain and get back to doing what you love!

Trust the process.

Step 2 

If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.  Every session has a goal. Every treatment has a purpose. We make sure you fully understand how to accomplish your goals and what the next step includes.

Step 4 

 It’s not just about getting out of pain, it’s about knowing how to keep it away. We develop a prevention program to ensure that you stay doing what you love, for a very long time

Step 1

Each patient receives an hour long evaluation. Every time.

A detailed history plus in-depth movement assessment lead to a proper diagnosis. 

Step 3

Once you understand the plan, it's time to execute. We will be alongside you the entire time to ensure your success. Personalized feedback is your key to execution. 

Get advice about your pain today.

Here's how Haven Physical Therapy will help you. 



We take you through a detailed and comprehensive injury assessment,  identifying the root causes of your pain, and explain what can be done to fix it.


We work with you and your doctors to make sure all decisions are made in your best interest. We pride ourselves in our focus on quick and clear communication. 


You will receive all the tools you need to help your body recover faster even when not at the clinic. Exercises, education, and resources to get you back to doing what you love (again). 

Personalized Treatment Plan

You will receive a personalized treatment plan to get out of pain and then stay there. No more having to look on Google to find the right exercise to keep your pain away.

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